Digging Deeper

With the release of the Netflix film ‘The Dig’ later this month, we are reminded just how much our understanding has evolved since Basil Brown’s excavations in 1939 led to the discovery of Sutton Hoo. We now know that the landscape around Sutton Hoo was an open one, with the mounds standing uninterrupted for more than seven kilometres to the East.

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The Sun Burns Brightest

Tomorrow marks the astronomical summer solstice, the day when the sun burns brightest. Whilst we may be familiar with the idea of the summer solstice being celebrated because it is the longest day, evidence indicates that its celebration formed part of a complex interaction of astronomy, society and ritual – it was far more than simply a mechanism that acted as a farmers calendar.

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Exploring Cumberland’s Mount and the Nine Yard Oak

Well amongst the most trying of times, this covid-era lockdown is bringing some shards of light. With our once a day walk in the woods and fields there’s plenty of time to research and reflect.

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