Rigorous research plays a pivotal role in the Arcane Landscape Trust approach, and although the vast majority of our work is rooted solely in the Suffolk landscape, these free downloadable resources are from a selection of worldwide multidisciplinary publications that have inspired us. Dive into our download library below, we’ll continue to share work that we resonate with as our published work evolves.

A Sense of Place within the Landscape in Cultural Settings
Nik Mastura Nik Mohammad, Masran Saruwono, Shahrul Yani Said,

Wan Ahmad Halawah Wan Hariri

The Bronze Age in SE Sweden: Evidence of Long-Distance Travel and Advanced Sun Cult
Nils-Axel Mörner, Bob G. Lind

An Eye for Odin? Divine Role-Playing in the Age of Sutton Hoo
Neil Price, Paul Mortimer

Animal ‘Ritual’ Killing: from Remains to Meanings
James Morris

The Archaeology of Consciousness
Paul Devereux

The Cosmic Connections of the Eight Key Points in the Indo-European Ritual Year
Emily Lyle

Eostre the goddess and the free-standing posts of Yeavering
Richard North 

Rescue excavations of a Vendel era Boat-Grave in Salme, Saaremaa
Marge Konsa, Raili Allmäe, Liina Maldre

Eternal Rome: Guardian of the Heavenly Gates
George Latura

The Milky Way and the Goddess of the Henges
John Grigsby

Under Augustus’ sign: the role of Astronomy in the foundation of Augusta Praetoria Salassorum
Stella Vittoria Bertarione

The Historical Roots of our Ecological Crisis
Lynn White

Ales Stones in Southern Sweden: A Remarkable Monument of the Sun Cult and Advanced Astronomy in the Bronze Age
Nils-Axel Mörner, Bob G. Lind

Myth and Ritual in Pre-Christian Scandinavian Landscape
Stefan Brink

Sighted Surfaces: Ocular Agency in Early Anglo-Saxon Cremation Burials
Ruth Nugent & Howard Williams

Place and Experience: A Philosophical Topography
J.E. Malpas

Shrines (Roman and Post-Roman)
Historic England

The Ritual Stratigraphy of Monuments that Matter
Terje Gansum, Terje Oestigaard

Living on: ancestors and the soul
Alexandra Sanmark

The Effects of Geophysical Anomalies on Biology
Lydia Giannoulopoulou, Angelos Evangelou, Spyros Karkabounas, Stavros Papamarinopoulos

The Experience of Watching: Place Defined by the Trinity of Land, Sea, and Skyscape
Daniel Brown

The Landscape of a Swedish Boat-Grave Cemetery
Howard Williams, Martin Rundkvist, Arne Danielsson

The Last Voyage of the Dead: The Milky Way and the Boat-Shaped Burial Markers of the Philippines Archipelago
Rafael Dy-Liacco

The pagan Great Midwinter Sacrifice and the ‘royal’ mounds at Old Uppsala
Göran Henriksson

The Shamanic Roots of European Culture: Visions of the Otherworld and Ecstatic Battles from the Middle Ages to the Present Day
Sonia Maura Barillari

Landscaping the Powers of Darkness & Light
L.L. Therkorn

Two-Faced Solstice Symbols and the World Tree: Sources of Mythology. Ancient and Contemporary Myths.
Dr. James Ogier

Lost Features of an Ancient Landscape
Robert Steerwood

Yggdrasil as Map: precedents for a large-scale Eliadian cross structure in prehistoric Scandinavia and probabilities of integration with locations of largest mounds
Dennis Doxtater