Walking the Arcane Landscape

We are currently exploring a series of walks amongst the arcane landscape of Suffolk. We will be beating the cosmic bounds and uncovering the hidden stories beneath our feet, reimagining the past and reconnecting with the lay of the land. Our walks will add a layer of direct experience to our written research and encourage those that want to get off the page to get out in the field and feel grounded in our heritage. We hope to publish a booklet of these walks and will start by wandering the wilds around Staverton Thicks near Rendlesham, neatly dovetailing into Jeremy Taylor’s ongoing cosmological research. We’ll keep you posted on progress and keep your eyes peeled for some planned walking events too. In the meantime, take a look at local walking expert and Arcane Landscape collaborator Griff Chamberlain’s excellent ‘The Lost Features of the Leiston Landscape’ over in the Journal.